lisa kathan
lisa kathan
personal brand photography for creatives, small businesses and influencers

Tell your brand's story.


What is personal brand photography?

It’s telling your brand’s story through incredible photos.

But that’s not all. 

We also create a custom experience to capture the heart of who you are.

brand the real you.


Hey, I’m Lisa

and I love telling stories!

I started my career as a writer in marketing communications and online content. And I loved being a writer, but after the economy turned it was hard for me to find as much work doing what I loved. So I took a class in photography, just to kill some time while I wasn't working. And I found a new passion! I've been telling stories for couples as a wedding photographer in Chicago in Milwaukee and I want to tell your story.

I love being able to build relationships with my clients, and getting to tell your stories...not only about your business, but everything that makes up your life: what you do in your free time, your hobbies, your family, everything that inspires you. That's what makes up your brand. 

I'd love to be part of telling your audience about YOUR story.



I need this in my life


what happens now?




Click below, let me know a little about you, and we’ll set up a time to meet


We’ll meet to go over the details and see if we’re a good fit for each other.


If we decide to move forward, we’ll plan your first photo session, complete the paperwork, and make things official!



Let’s face it…

your social media habits are already costing you a lot.

you’re stressing out about what to post

spending your personal time taking photos

using photos that aren’t consistent and don’t fit your brand

wasting your time on inexperienced photographers that just don't “get” it

spending too much time away from your business and family trying to figure it all out

storytelling subscriptions

So much more than simply hiring a family or portrait photographer.
I’m a committed team member who knows and understands your brand.
Every quarter I spend time planning your brand’s story and converting your brand to images.

what else is included?

commercial usage license

4 sessions a year, up to 1 full day of shooting per quarter

basic retouching on all images

unlimited crops and sizing for Web and social media


— just the basics —

No planning or prep.
We chat a few minutes before your session,
I take your photos, and we’re done!

what’s included?

commercial usage license

basic retouching on all images

all images are cropped and sized for Web and social media

limited availability

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I work in the theater industry and...keep coming back to Lisa because she makes me feel so comfortable. Since I can just relax and be myself while she photographs, the pictures come out looking like,! She gives clear and gentle direction during the session, so you never have the thought "am I doing the right thing??"

— Elle (singer, dancer, theater manager)


Rare is the photographer who can capture an image that whispers 'you.' Everyone in their lifetime has had cookie cutter photos. Lisa's images not only look like you, but 'feel' like you. I love my images.

— Steve
(radio producer, voice over artist, photographer)



I only take 6 subscriptions a year.

So book your session before they’re all filled!