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"I have to book YOU!"

Finally, brand photos that make them say...

Let’s stop with the same old brand photos that everyone else is using…your ideal client wants to know what it feels like to work with you.

Well, guess what—you can stand out in an industry of sameness. But here's another secret:

Wanna know a secret?

your followers are bored.

you need a strategy.

I’ll help you find your unique factor, and we’ll create images that reflect how you want your brand to be seen.

for creatives & coaches

Strategic brand photography

brand photos that are...

Get excited to stop blending into the crowd with the same dull posed photos everyone else uses.

Feel great knowing we have a strategic plan to create images that portray how you want to be seen by your audience.

Step out into the world with photos that make you feel excited about your business and your brand!

Let me help.

While serving couples as a wedding photographer in Chicagoland for 8 years, I began to notice that creatives around me were in a rut. They were patching their brand visuals and marketing together by (sound familiar!?) grabbing a friend to take a headshot with their phone, taking crummy selfies, or using photos from other people’s weddings.

As a result, their website and social media were inconsistent and didn’t really connect with their audience. They didn’t tell any kind of story about who they were, or compel followers to want to purchase from them.

Now, as a professional photographer and writer, I get to use my gift of storytelling to help creatives tell their story – and most importantly, share with their audience what it feels like to work with them.

Are you struggling to set yourself apart?

T-Ann Pierce,
life & parenting coach

Lisa is so attentive and somehow knows my brand better than I do!

The images from my session captured everything about me and my businesses! I'll shout it to anyone listening: Lisa is the best brand photographer I've ever encountered.

Desiree Dent,
wedding planner & officiant

Cinthia @ boda bliss,
obm for wedding professionals

Lisa's ability to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera was exceptional...I couldn't be happier with the outcome, I wholeheartedly recommend her.


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